WPATH is an international organization which focuses on global issues in transgender health. More local advocacy and policy can often be best accomplished by WPATH-affiliated regional associations. Each PATH has the advantage of WPATH affiliation while being able to focus activity and advocacy on the issues most important to that part of the world.

All US members of WPATH will automatically be members of USPATH. USPATH will be a nonprofit organization and will form when a Board of Directors is elected by the US members of WPATH. Then that board will solidify bylaws, organize committees, and conduct business under the WPATH umbrella.






Madeline Deutsch, MD, MPH

President Elect

Carl Streed Jr., MD, MPH, FACP


Jo Olson-Kennedy, MD, MS

(2021 – 2023)

Caroline Davidge-Pitts, MBBCh
Zil Goldstein, MSN, FNP-BC
Lisa Griffin, PhD
Courtney Ridley, MD, facog
Jason Schneider, MD
Julie Thompson, PA
Student Representative
Darya Enlow

September 17, 2022

President's Newsletter

I am pleased to announce awardees for the Inaugural USPATH President's Discretionary Fund Equity Stipend . . .


August 26, 2022

President's Newsletter

I would like to announce a very special effort we are taking to increase equity and representation of people of color at the 2022 Conference, in USPATH, and in the field of transgender health.. . .


May 4, 2022

President's Newsletter

. . . USPATH recently released a detailed Position Statement including line-by-line scientific rebuttals to the harmful and disappointing policy from the Florida Department of Health, which builds upon harmful actions in Texas and Arkansas. . .


March 31, 2022

President's Newsletter

USPATH letter regarding International Transgender Day Of Visibility. I write you today on this International Transgender Day Of Visibility. A day where trans, non-binary, and gender expansive people, including myself, celebrate our identities, accomplishments, and achievements, while at the same time highlighting the struggles and discrimination we face in our daily lives.  . . .


January 21, 2022

President's Newsletter

USPATH letter regarding first month of 2022. . .I am thinking about the intersection between possibility and uncertainty. At a societal level, we’re in yet the next round of covid whiplash, as the omicron variant runs wild in our communities and schools . . .

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